Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I have been meme

This meme is from November's Autumn. 

Thomas Hardy's poems, still very much in the beginning
Recollections of the Lake Poets by Thomas de Quincey, still very much incomplete
Charles Lamb's essays, written under the pseudonym of Elia. I recommend his Dissertation upon a Roast Pig. 
Charlotte Bronte: the Evolution of Genius by Winifred Gerin.

Part of my novel - so far, done about 32,000 words. Still a long way to go.
Fanfiction of Shirley by Charlotte Bronte

At the sheer amount of things I have to study.
May be reading a biography of Thomas de Quincey. 
Possibly may have to re-read Rider Haggard and others for the Turn of the Century Salon (why is it that all the related books I read about it was years ago???)
Maybe it's time for a trip to Keith Fawkes' bookshop in Hampstead?

Who am I? from Les Miserables by Colm Wilkinson
Stars from Les Miserables by Philip Quast
I saw him once from Les Miserables by Rebecca Caine
(As you can see, I'm now a Les Mis fan. Hugh Jackman in a cravat and top hat is to die for!)

Allo Allo, a parody sitcom from the 1980s, arguably the golden age of TV comedy. Are You Being Served? another sitcom from the 70's/80's.

Terribly stressed.

Exams. Also, the beginning of my lab project, which involves getting bacteria to make certain proteins. Applying for a Masters. 

The fact I don't have to earn a living now. My warm room and my teddy bears.

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  1. Good luck with applying for a Masters. I absolutely adored every moment of being an MA student -- even the crazy ones.

    And I'm digging your Les Mis mood. :)