Sunday, 30 September 2012

Random pictures by Andrew Tozer

Summer Heat, Mousehole by Andrew Tozer
I saw this outside a shop in Falmouth, googled the painter and was pleasantly surprised to find he is a contemporary painter. Andrew Tozer is apparently influenced by the Impressionists. No surprise there.
Custom House Quay, Sunny Morning by Andrew Tozer
Like Impressionist paintings, he's best viewed from the distance rather than close up, that way you see the colours swirl together and imagine details that don't exist. Close up, you see there are no details.

Read Mysteries of Udolpho and it had an interesting cover, a painting called Woman on a Balcony  by Carl Gustav Carus. Googled him and found this:

Very Romantic. I wonder why the Romantics are not as famous as the Impressionists as a school and as a group of individuals (except Turner, but he's an individual).

Apparently Carus was a doctor and a naturalist. One of your 19th century polymaths. We don't seem to get them today, more's the pity.

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