Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Do not forget: A poem inspired by Christina Rosetti's Remember Me

Based on Christina Rossetti's Remember me
The Girl at the Gate by Sir George Clausen

Do not forget me. I shall always yearn
For those old days, when we were young and free.
Do not forget, though you are gone from me,
Though time hath ravaged us, and left to mourn.

Remember me when day shines on my heart
And sip the honey'd waters hand in hand,
Remember me when snow-storms blight and part
The tides of bliss, and yet remain a friend.

When you are struck by thunder on the plain
Or when the winds beckon you to the cliff;
Do not forget the face amidst the rain
And know I breathe the vapours of thy grief.
[youth will fade with the dimming/burning light of day]
Remember me when all is dark and bright,
Do not cast me into the luckless night.

I don't know if I can call this original, because the rhythm is based on Christina Rossetti, and the "Remember me" though I'm sure many amateurs have done the same. This makes it a total of 5 poems I've written this year, which is pretty good, as I wrote only 2 last year.

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