Monday, 14 May 2012

Another Valentine by Wendy Cope

I first encountered Wendy Cope during my A-Levels 3 years ago. She rose to success with Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis in 1986 and has since been publishing small collections of poetry. Known for witty satire on society, especially in relationships, I find her far more refreshing than serious contemporary poets. Unlike most postmodernists she generally like rhyme in her poems, especially the funny ones, and yes, there is some meter. You see me as the Victorian geek but Wendy Cope is one of the few modern literary personages I respect. Apparently when Andrew Motion finished his tenure as Poet Laureate she was widely considered to be the next choice. They chose Carol Ann Duffy instead. Oh how the world would be a happier place if it had been Wendy Cope!
Wendy Cope

Here is her Another Valentine. It is much funnier than the poem I learnt for A-Levels (which wasn't that profound anyway. How do they expect us students to write essays on things that aren't profound or full of meaning?)

The rhyme scheme is abaaabaa. I won't post a long commentary since it speaks for itself.

Today we are obliged to be romantic
And think of yet another valentine.
We know the rules and we are both pedantic:
Today's the day we have to be romantic.
Our love is old and sure, not new and frantic.
You know I'm yours and I know you are mine.
And saying that has made me feel romantic, 
My dearest love, my darling valentine.

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