Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Orange chicken

Based on a dish I had at a restaurant in my hometown. It's called orange cream chicken though I couldn't taste cream or butter. However they used evaporated milk, which I am using right now.

The orange sauce:
1 large orange (a sweet one)
1 tin evaporated milk
Ground cinnamon

Put 1/2 a tin of milk in pan at low heat. Cut oranges into small slices and peel them. Add peeled orange into pan and squeeze some juice in for a nice orangey flavour. Add a little salt and if it's too sour, some sugar, and ground cinnamon. You can leave it there for at least half an hour - if the heat is low enough, hours will do.

The chicken:
2 chicken thighs
Garlic powder
1 orange
1 onion
Olive oil.

Cut onions into large chunks. Rub in salt and oil.
Slice oranges into flat round rings. If too sour, add sugar. Dash a little cinnamon onto rings.
Place onions in baking dish to form a layer. On top place a layer of orange rings.
Marinate chicken thighs in salt, oregano and garlic powder.
On top of orange place thighs. This lets the chicken juice run into the furit and veg, and lets the onion and orange juice seep into the chicken. Orange is in between to prevent it from burning.
Preheat an oven for 30 minutes.
Place baking dish in oven at about 200C. It may take 40 minutes to cook.

Take out chicken and serve with orange sauce.

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