Thursday, 22 March 2012

Recipe for Fish

Salsa haddock

Salsa salmon

In between blogging, studying and watching Allo Allo, I cook snacks. Yup, it's easy to make. I call it my breadcrumbed salsa fish with potato wedges. There was an offer on fresh salsa, so I got two boxes and smothered the fish in it.

Here is the recipe:
Fish (haddock or salmon)
Fresh salsa
Garlic powder

Marinate fish in salt, parpika and garlic powder and then salsa. Scatter breadcumbs on top and put some oil so it's nice and crispy. Sprinkle some oregano for smell. Grill it for about 20 minutes (I use thin pieces) at 250 degrees Celsius. Serve with potato wedges.

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